Announcing Matriarchs – Silicon Gods boxed set

When giants fight, ants better stay away.

The corporate conglomerate, also known as the Matriarchs, claims it brought stability and peace to the world. That it paved the way for a better and brighter future for what was left of humanity. In exchange, all the Matriarchs ever asked was the people’s lives. Read more.



Announcing Matriarchs – Silicon Gods trilogy

From a new and emerging voice in Sci-Fi comes a cyberpunk thriller with mystery undertones that will keep you reading until the early hours of the morning, desperate to know more. Conspiracies, cybernetics, rampant AIs, ruthless corporations, and streets bathed in neon lights. A world where the value of human life is negligible. Read more.



A wildly imaginative mixture of hard sci-fi and cyberpunk, reminiscent of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. Through Digital Ascent, the second book of the Matriarchs – Silicon Gods trilogy, is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that takes the genre to new horizons. Read more.


The conclusion to the Matriarchs – Silicon Gods trilogy, Through Virulent Time is an intense read that will keep you hooked until the very end. A fusion of cyberpunk, hard sci-fi, and futuristic dystopia cranked up to a hundred in ways you can’t imagine. The world of the Matriarchs is not for the feint of heart. Only the strong may survive. Read more.

Announcing The Darkening


If you have been afraid of the dark because of the horrors it may hide from your eyes, think again. Chris Sarantopoulos’s debut novel, The Darkening, will show you why it’s the light you should be afraid in this post apocalyptic horror book. This is a novel that redefines the genre. Don’t fear the dark. Fear the light. Read more.


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