The Matriarchs – Silicon Gods trilogy contains three full novels with over 1400+ pages of pure heart-pounding action, set in a dark cyberpunk world.

When giants fight, ants better stay away.

The corporate conglomerate, also known as the Matriarchs, claims it brought stability and peace to the world. That it paved the way for a better and brighter future for what was left of humanity. In exchange, all the Matriarchs ever asked was the people’s lives.

But the war is far from over. It simply changed in nature.

Three different people, whose paths have crossed with one another in the past one hundred years, find themselves as pawns on a chessboard created by those who are truly in control of the world. This is a game for the boys in the big league. And they have stepped right into it. They will either play and win or they will get trampled over. The Matriarchs – Silicon Gods trilogy includes:

1. Through Stranger Eyes
2. Through Digital Ascent
3. Through Virulent Time

Megacorporations, biohacking, rogue AIs, body augmentation, mafia bosses, dystopic future, hackers. This series has it all. Recommended for fans of Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Neuromancer, and Altered Carbon.